Used Trailers For Sale

At Hingley Trailers we take pride in our trailer refurbishment projects. Our used trailers can work out as a cost effect alternative to our new trailers. Take a look at what we have in stock and then give us a call on 07817604528.

Flat trailer for sale

When you have a specialised load to haul e.g. one that is excessively over size or weight, then a flatbed trailer may be the option for you. Flatbed trailers typically have no roof or sides (though some may have low sides with stakes or mounts on hinges for easy removal or dropping out of the way).They are designed to allow for easy loading from all sides of the trailer, without the need of a loading bay.
When choosing a flatbed trailer, you should be aware that any load will be exposed to the elements so will need to withstand the temperature and weather during transportation. This may be a factor in deciding whether to use them or not.
The load will also need to be securely fastened down with ropes or straps to ensure it doesn't fall off and could be covered with tarps. When comparing flatbed trailers, you will typically find models made of steeel, aluminium or a combination of the two. However, some are made of wood planks with either welded or bolted construction. Standard and extendible flatbed trailers come in a variety of lengths to suit any load.